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Oh No... Just Another Online Wine Club?

Buying wine online has always been a hit or miss experience.  Non-Existent Inventory, Slow Delivery, Cluttered Websites, Bulk Wine with a cute label slapped on it.  Is it actually that hard to have real inventory, clear shipping policies, and a value added experience with a real person that filters out the bad and showcases the good bottles with just a click?  I'll tell you the problem, and I learned this very early on, most proprietors of these sites have never stepped foot or worked in an actual Wine Shop or Tasting Room - and it shows.  When you get the experience is like fireworks for you & the friends you share it with, it is like giving new tastes to the food you pair, it is discovering your favorite bottle of wine all over again.  Jávi Cellars and its Club Jávi is like nothing else out there; I find the stories of people place and wine, the unique and low production bottles big chains can't touch, complementary tasting menus that will take on any Friday night with friends, all packaged into one-touch email offers and a website that gets it.   

Brace Yourself, Here Comes The Marketing Fluff to Sign Up, Or Not...

Let's start with free Stuff

The Meaning of Jávi:

/Zhaw-Ve/ is how you pronounce, Jávi, it is Portuguese for: to have seen it and experience it for yourself.  This means Original Recipes with every Bottle, Exclusive Interviews with every Winery, Wine flights that let you taste the difference of Region and Style.  In that spirit, explore the map below, get the stories of people place and wine.

Why It's Worth It:

As a Member; you get 15% club pricing with across the board access to my favorite wines from each partner winery, the wines that region are known for. You get the variety from an ever expanding wine network, you get the flexibility of non obligation shipments, you get an experience that can meet the occasion-big or small, novice or expert. 

Map Schedule:

Summer 2017: California. (19/25 Complete)
Spring 2018: Oregon + Washington (3/8  Found)
Summer 2018: Australia + New Zealand (2/6 Found)
Fall 2018: Argentina + Chile (1/6 Found)
Spring 2019: Spain + Portugal (0/5 Found)
Summer 2019: France (2/8 Found)
Fall 2019: Germany + Italy (0/6 Found)

RecommendationsLet me know. 

The Basics

What To Build?

6-Bottle Shipment | 

1.  Build it from Club Jávi Email Offers.
2.  Build it from Jávi Cellars Online. 
3.  Build it from 3-6 Bottle Flights.

It's Up To You!

Complete Customization | 

1. Buy 1 bottle at a time, or six at a time.
2. Buy 3 from Online & 3 from Emails.
3. Buy over a week, a month, or a year.

Shipping, Simple.

Shipping Details | 

1.  Reach 6 Bottles, It Can Ship. 
2.  Can Hold Bottles Up To 1 Year.
3. California Shipping ONLY.

When It Ships!

Shipping Schedule | 

1. 2nd & 4th Monday, October-May. 
2. Weather Permitting ONLY. 
3. California Shipping ONLY. 

3 Ways to Buy!

Club Jávi

Email Offers Include;
15% Off - Best Price
Discounted Shipping
Printed Wine Sheets
Digital Recipe 


Single Bottles Include;
Free Shipping - Try First
Printed Wine Sheet
Digital Recipe


2-6 Bottle Flights Include;
10% Off - Group Fun
Discounted Shipping
Printed Wine Sheet
Digital Recipes

Next Step

You have access to all current partner wineries as well as the content they include.  Feel free to look around and download any content you would like.  To download wine recipes, you must have an account.  Use the button below to sign up, it is free, it is non-obligation, it is 3-4 emails a week of content and offers (absolutely no spam, I don't like it either)

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