A Quick Summary of Sauvignon Blanc!

Light-Bodied White | Sauvignon Blanc

Where to Buy. I saw a few wanting $25+ for a bottle, now unless it is from the Loire region of France, I won't be buying. You can get an entry level bottle for under $10 with artisan quality starting @ $15.  You can go to the grocery to get a foreign bottle, Kim Crawford comes to mind as a place to start for $.  

What to Pair. Personally, artichokes zucchini asparagus.  Seafood, specifically oysters.  Other greens or I have even had luck with proteins that call for being marinated in a mild vinaigrettes.  One recommended but not tried yet is lamb as well as a tangy dairy base. *actually taking a break to fix dinner. 

Summary. The parent of Cab. Sauv. with Cabernet Franc, ~17th century, gives it a rich history. Known for bringing aromatic, dry, even crisp to zesty, this wine is a go to for millions. Dramatically raising its total plantings in France from the 13th most planted to now competing for level with Sémillon in a short time.

When to Drink. Now. One of the most desirable traits of Sauv. Blanc is the array of Herbal/Floral notes, these are best in the first 2 years.  No aging.  An everyday wine that you can pick up on a whim while checking out of the store from a producer you know has good vinicultural practices. < Important

How to Serve. Chilled to the ice bucket. Present as herbal, dry, and crisp.  One flaw to take note; high levels of young tarter herbal flavors. I use the word ’flaw’ (lightly) as this imbalance comes from not ripening properly which is often associated with vineyard practices like canopy management.

Who to Drink. Lucky individuals that prefer this varietal in the respectable and accurate to varietal $10 bottle, however, make sure to take note of young tart flavors we talked about.  While it may just be this one bottle or vintage, a higher price point will incentivize better vineyard practices and care.

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