Full Bodied White | Viognier

Full-Bodied White | Viognier

Where to Buy. This varietal can start to get $ but if you keep it in California to start, more specifically the Central Coast.  The entry level starting at $18 and artisan beginning ~$27 you can miss some of the hype @ $40+. If you need heavy toasted oak, turn to North of the Bay but up the $.

What to Pair. Spicy dishes to make the sweetness.  For grilled items, leanings toward pork, veal, and chicken will complement it well.  The warmer regions will give you a tropical fruit flavor possibly of pineapple with cooler regions give a honeysuckle or ripe apricot flavor. 

Summary. Gaining popularity in the 90’s and experimentation from Virginia to California, the consistent sun in the West has given it a great new world home. Also a major part of the White Rhône blend, Viognier is here to stay and can give a great extension to your palette from Chardonnay.

When to Drink. Within 2 years if not sooner for some styles.  The relatively weak acid across the board makes for an early fade.  While some that lean heavily on oak and the caramel & vanilla flavors can keep longer as they do not depend absolute on the acid to keep the wine bright or uplifted.

How to Serve. Serve chilled.  Talking points may be on the differences or similarities of Australia, France, and USA growing conditions with the USA having a diverse climate from North to South allowing for both styles (Stainless Steel) (Malacotic w/ Oak) to be produced just regions a part.

Who to Drink. Not my everyday wine and has sweetness and richness on the barrel aged style that needs to be balanced with an occasion or meal.  On the other hand, the stainless steel with no malolactic can be much lighter and refreshing compared with a lower price point. I recommend neutral oak.

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