What Glass Should I Actually Use For My Wine? | Full Bodied Red

Full Bodied Red Wine | What Glass Should I Use? 

Source: F. Venturi, G. Andrich, C. Sanmartin, G. Scalabrelli, G. Ferroni & A. Zinnai (2014) The expression of a full-bodied red wine as a function of the characteristics of the glass utilized for the tasting, CyTA - Journal of Food, 12:3, 291-297

Why Is The Glass Important? The wine glass is often overlooked when tasting wine and many wineries implement a strategy by choosing a "middle-of-the-road" glass to serve their wines. And yes, it does make a difference. Many people don't understand that your glass isn't just filled with wine, serving as a vessel from which to drink. There are also layers of gas evaporating from the wine and volatile aromachemicals evaporating at different rates depending on the surface area of the wine exposed to oxygen. The glass shape affects how the gases and chemicals swirl and how it flows out on every sip. 

What They Did: They created a randomized study utilizing a full-bodied red wine made from Italian Sangiovese grapes aged in oak - a wine that was determine to be appropriate for this study. Specifically, they used a Chianti Classico and poured it for a randomized tasting with six standard commercial wine glasses that almost all wineries use in their tasting rooms. They looked for volatile aromas, the loss of smell or concentration, evaporation rate, chemical data, and sensory analysis.  

What They Found: They found that, yes, there is an effect on the sensory aspects of the wine, most notably in the flavor and bouquet.  The sensory, chemical and physical aspects of the wine were most in line with Glass E for full-bodied red wines.

What It Means: Yes, you could have a specific glass for each style and type of wine you drink, but that isn't necessary...This Glass E was simply the best glass in the three categories for keeping the wine in 'balance' the longest. If you are drinking the glass of wine within 20-30 minutes, I don't see any negative effects for everyday drinking or pairing with dinner using your standard wine glass purchased from Costco.  

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