Paso Robles, Central Coast, California

Paso Robles, extending from San Miguel to Willow Creek has just split into almost a dozen sub-AVA's, however, this region can be broken into 3 major areas based on climate.  The inland valley is the first, with very little influence from the Pacific Ocean.  This is where you will get hotter days and bigger wines with even bigger fruit flavors; Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Zinfandel.  The Templeton Gap to the South West section of Willow Creek offers uniqueness to Paso Robles County.  This cut into the hills coming up from the Sea does get ocean influence, allowing for cooler tending varietals to be grown.  The Highlands to the South and inland are even warmer than the Northern inland valley.  Temperatures are the biggest things to note here, huge swings from night to day can be quite large, 50 degrees so.