I just bought a few bottles when does it ship?  
As soon as you reach a 6-pack (6 bottles) you will get an email from me asking if you would like me to ship on the next available date. 2nd and 3rd Mondays, October-May. You may also opt to hold off shipping until a case or more for additional shipping discounts. 

Why do I only get club pricing on email offers? 
Club Pricing is a private affair for the benefit of my partner wineries.  It is often that retailers or clubs will undercut wineries online prices to make the sale online.  When dealing with dozens and very soon 50+ wineries it is much easier to adopt a simple policy for all of them. 

Do you ship out of California? 
No. California only for 2017.  In 2018 we will start serving the entire Pacific Coast. 

I got a 'corked' bottle! 
Sorry, let me know immediately if you got a corked bottle.  I will take care of it for you in a satisfactory manner. Not liking the wine doesn't qualify! 

Should I let me wine sit after shipping? 
The general rule of thumb: for each day in transit = 5 days sitting in a cool and consistent temperature.  We ship Mondays, usually meaning Wednesday arrivals.  That would be 3 days for 15 days of settling down needed. 

Your question isn't listed? Go to the contact page and ask or call 530.417.0877! We will email you a reply and then update our FAQ. Thanks for making Jávi Cellars better for everyone!