Finding Wine

Finding a Partner Winery:  From January of 2017, I have been touring a new wine region every few weeks.  Tasting at as many wineries I as can in the short amount of time I am there.  While I get the occasional "swing and miss," most regions reveal a great partner winery that has all that I am looking for within the first 20 stops.  There have even been a few 4-day searches with well over 30 stops, and with all hope lost I try just one more.  You guessed it, it was the last stop of the day that made that region tour worth it. 

Picking a Wine to Souce: I am no level 4 wine sommelier, nor do I try to be a level 1 sommelier.  My wine sourcing starts from day one in each region.  I taste 100s of wines, talk to as many owners, winemakers, and distributors as I can.  Asking question after question of what is this region known for? Who are the big players? What winemakers are rising talent and where are they working? Theses all paired together to get me in front of some of the best and often expensive wines to compare to. When I taste a wine that was almost mistakable for a $50+ bottle just next door, I try to buy. 

Handling of the Wine: I can't tell you how important it is to know where your wine came from.  And I don't mean the winery.  How did your wine travel from Vineyard to Winery to Distributor to Retail Shop.  Also known as provenance.  While these implications are more geared toward international wines.  I implement the same practices to ensure a climate controlled condition for every bottle of wine from Cellar to Warehouse and finally only shipping when the weather is within the safe range.  

Wine Cellaring/Storage: When I picked up each case myself or hired a climate controlled truck, I took no expense in ensuring a safe ride to Paso Robles. (Storage Location) Once there I have all cases of wine settling down from its travels at cellar temp.  To the day it is packed and ready to be shipped to you, I have FedEx come to our location early Monday mornings to pick up.  Allowing your wine to have the shortest and coolest trip to your door. 


Buying Wine Online:  I list all wine online to provide a catalog of sorts with all the content it goes along with.  I have special 3-6 bottle flights and even videos of each.  For first time customers that want to see exactly what they are getting on a large computer screen, this is perfect!  A first time buy that you get to experience with the works of features and content.   

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Buying Email Offers: Email offers are where this gets fun.  These are private pricing and offers that I can mix and match in any order I like.  They come directly to your email inbox Wednesdays to Saturday and any orders you have will appear on your account (optional).  If you make an account it may take up to a week to pull those last orders over but they surely will.  Any orders you have through email will be paired with online orders. 

All Things Shipping: Shipping wine is expensive and I have elected to only ship 6+ bottles at a time not just for my benefit but for the cost saving to customers.  When shipping just 3 bottles of wine, that cost is $18.  When shipping 6 bottles of wine, $23.  It makes sense and I am happy to hold wine as long as 1 year to get to 6 bottles even though I know many will buy case at a time for the holidays.  


Purpose:  Using Jávi Cellars allows you to build a 6-pack shipment of wine from any partner winery.  It is my hope that you use these 6 bottles to taste the differences of region and style by buying a few bottles from multiple wineries.  This is something fun, exciting, and I have yet to see anyone else out there in the wine world put all of the pieces together...and here is why! 

Buying with Jávi Cellar always saves, but with the added benefit of shipments focusing on encasing every bottle of wine with the traditional wine culture, it is supposed to have.  I like to think of those menus, original recipes, and videos that tell a story as a value-added experience to work in tandem with each partner winery and bottle of wine allocated to your next 6-pack shipment.