Jávi Cellars

The Name |

Já Vi: is Portuguese and pronounced Zhaw-Vee . Meaning: To have seen it or experience it for oneself. Our wine selection and experience was built around that meaning; video interviews with partner wineries, a recipe with every wine, and personal discovery of new wine regions to visit all in one place.

Starting Jávi Cellars |

I launched Jávi Cellars during my last year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with the goal of creating a wine club that had a variety of premium wines from around the world. To accomplish this feat I first had to make a model to follow, but where to start... In our own backyard of course. California was a good bet and this first year of business has been almost solely devoted to Ca wines, with a few exceptions I couldn’t pass up. Region by region I went for 3 months during Summer 2017, and that was barely enough time to fully experience all that this golden state has to offer. The magazine and portfolio of partner wineries were some of the best and down to earth, experience-driven, family wineries I could have the pleasure of finding and being able to work with. Going forward and drawing on the experiences of Australia winemaking with the Cal Poly Viticulture program, this Summer will open up new wine and partnerships abroad. Thank you for your support and I welcome you to be a part of Jávi Cellars.

About Me |

Bachelor of Science: Wine and Viticulture , wine business. Entrepreneur continually learning about wine, real estate, and mobile applications (apps). In the winter I enjoy the snow and skiing; in the summer taking small excursions renting a Cessna 172 along the central coast.

Passion for Wine |

How wine came to be a part of my life. With a father that built a wine cellar and a Mother that shared the home winemaking culture with me, it wasn't too much to imagine that wine became a fun part of growing up. From a young age I was involved; fortifying the Port, tasting a sip of wine at dinner with a pause and to only exclaim, "It's red wine", to working at a winery (for tips) directing cars and some cellar chores season to season to help out. Even with this upbringing I didn't know if it was for me, bird netting by hand was tedious work and harvest overall was grueling. Yet, when I got into Cal Poly for a BS that allowed me to learn business in the context of wine, I couldn't have seen a better 5 years to pursue and what it has become.