Jávi Cellars

How We Source our Premium Wine for Jávi Cellars

All the wine here is Cherry Picked, I personally survived each region tasting hundreds of wines from which that growing area was known for looking for only the best wine/vintage/experience. 

*For context, it took over 4 months to complete the California survey and sourcing.*

The selection process is Quality/Value Drivin, tasting dozens of $$$$, media hyped, and critic praised bottles...to then keep tasting the region to find $$ bottles of identical quality.

*It is like finding a needle in the haystack and often lead to limited production wineries hard to source from* 

The producer sourcing is Relationship Oriented, by spending the time to learn and aline interests with a limited production winery allow for buying opportunities not available to normal distributors. 

*Luckily, also providing an opportunity to interview and create our experience-driven content.* 


How We Sell our Premium Wine on Jávi Cellars

Early on we decided to Sell The Culture of Wine, just a $$ instead of $$$$ is not enough to buy a 'Premium Wine', there needs to be a reason to open the bottle. i.e. Food, People, Place.  

*Recipes for 48 wines took over a month. Videos over 4 months. And Tasting Sheets to pull it all together.* 

Wine online is Price-Locked, it is a commitment to partner wineries is to match their price to the public online, as I see Jávi Cellars as an extension of each brand as we build our network larger. 

*Price undercutting is a large reason for limited production wineries to not do distribution.*  

Jávi Cellars implements Club Like Pricing, each week features a region and partner winery to our member list to get a few bottles to try for themselves (As if they were in that wineries Club without the obligations). 

*Email offers are limited quantity and bottle/order that showcases a region, varietal across regions, or producer.*  


How We Handle our Wine at Jávi Cellars 

Wine is best when Directly from the Cellar, not only will this wine be as the winemaker put it down to age but will give Jávi Cellars complete control over its shipping & handling conditions.  

*I will personally pick up wine or send a climate controlled truck to do so with direct delivery to our climate controlled warehouse.*

The best way to Ship Premium Wine, monitoring the weather paired with only shipping orders on Mondays allows for the greatest control over your wines journey to your door.

*No wine should be subject to a UPS or FedEx warehouse over a hot weekend* 


How to Enjoy Wine Flights or Bottles from Jávi Cellars 

Your shipment all starts with the Tasting Sheet; it has the wine you ordered, my personal tasting notes, QR code to an original recipe, and a QR code to our exclusive interview with the winery.  

*Having a glass or two to yourself or hosting a wine event is covered with every bottle.*

Why not use our wine to host a Wine Dinner, the wine is of premium quality that won't disappoint and a custom experience that is built around your event.  

*Pricing, recipies, and videos are all customizable on email or call. (Not Avalible Online).*