Boatique Winery - Malbec

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This is one of the best Malbecs I've ever tasted. You might not know this (unless you've personally visited Lake County, but the soil where this tonnage is sourced is a rich, volcanic red. Not only is it beautiful, the soil stresses the vines and adds a unique mineral-and-earth component to this wine that's no only bold, but also profile changing. I highly recommend this wine (until I almost sell out -- then the rest are mine!) 

This Bottle: 

A standalone wine that's a must-try will leave you with aromas of sweet tobacco, vanilla, and cocoa.  The red volcanic soil translates round tannins with plum and blueberry flavors maturing through a long sip.  It's juicy and savory with just enough oak to be immensely complex.     


Winery: Boatique Winery 

Appellation: Lake North Coast 

Composition: Malbec 

Barrel Aging: 18 months 

Oak Profile: French Oak 

Alcohol by Volume: 14.1% 

Capacity: 750 ml