Boatique Winery - Malbec

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WAIT. I might not want to sell this. Joking aside, I will sell it. But, I do need to reiterate that this is one of the best Malbecs I have had. Without a personal visite to Lake County, you would not know this, but the soil where this tonnage is sourced is volcanic red. These soils stress the vines, add a unique minerality and earth component to this wine that is bold, that is profile changing. To put it another way, you drink this wine after your Cabernet Sauvignon. Highly recommended until my last few bottles then it is sold out ;)

With This Bottle Infront Of Me

This Malbec as a standalone is a must try, getting you aromas of sweet tobacco, vanilla, and cocoa.  Having red volcanic soil and growing at elevation do something amazing for this wine.  Translating into wonderfully round tannins with plum and blueberry flavors maturing through a long sip.  It's juicy and savory with just enough oak to be immensely complex.  Enjoy!         

From The Winery 

Aged for 18 months in French oak, non-filtered and 100% native fermentation. The Malbec has aromas of blackberry, lavender, violets, and crushed obsidian. Supple tannins on the palate meet rich fruit flavors that mirror the nose.

Set at 2266 feet above sea level amidst alpine and oak forests. 47 acres of rolling vineyards spread across the picturesque Red Hills Appellation. In the shadow of magnificent Mt. Konocti, the vineyards, planted in volcanic soil, are well drained which is ideal for stressing the vines to create intense, inky, rich wines.

Producer: Boatique Winery

Region: Lake County

Appellation: Red Hills

Soil: Volcanic

Capacity: 750 ml

Alcohol 14.1%

Grapes: Malbec