Cantiga Wineworks - Zinfandel (non-ml)

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The Cantiga Wineworks is as boutique of a winery and as close to a true to name family estate as you can get. They found their parcel of land and went on to preserving not just the land but planted wines that made sense. Their non-malolactic and old world approach show through on this wine. Something that you should buy at least one bottle to just see what I am talking about. In my opinion, the way they are making wine is the original, dating back to the Romans. Watch the video to get the full story but a great zin from the foothills.

With This Bottle Infront Of Me

A great nose that you would expect from a Zinfandel but this one gets fun from the first sip as being something unique. It won’t take long to notice the presence of a bright crisp and clean acid that follows your normal fruit forward tastes. Oak and a lingering dark fruit flavor remain on top of the palate. A great representation of old world winemaking. Enjoy!    

From the Winery 

A non-malolactic Zinfandel from Cantiga Wineworks. The foothills host some of the oldest Zinfandel zines in the state, this wine has the heritage as well as a non-malolactic finish that is unique as it is pleasing.