Portugal 6 Pack

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St. Jorge Estate Winery 

In This Flight

(2) 2014 Touriga 

(2) 2013 Souza 

(2) 2013 Trincadera

This one is a fun one and I can promise you it will amaze and surprise.  Before we get into each individual wine and what popular varietal it is most similar to, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the authenticity of this flight compared to other "Portugees Style" wines in the U.S. 

(1) Vern Vierra has direct heritage along with his Father and Grandfather making traditional family wine all the way back to Portugal and through their immigration to the U.S. 

(2) These wines are 100% varietal.  To give you a clear representation of this, listen to this: Touriga has 26,000 acres planted worldwide with 99% of that in Portugal.  Where is the rest? Some of that 1% is right here with St. Jorge Estate Winery. 

(3) Vern's wine makes its way to visiting delegations from Portugal to the U.S. Through their talks and my time speaking with Vern, it was great to hear the stories of how they have had visits and went to visit at these events to showcase the Portugees culture living on in California. 

Now To The Wine

The First wine in this flight is the Touriga and here are my personal notes from the tasting;

Touriga National has very interesting flavors of Black Cherry and hints of violets and herbs. It is one of the Portuguese varietals that make Port.  100% true varietal aged 18 months in American and French oak.  A texture that is very smooth.  A taste of black fruits that seem to absolutely absorb into oak and linger on for even longer. Enjoy!      

The Second wine in this flight is the Souza and here are my personal notes from the tasting;

The grape is known for the intensely deep color and natural acidity it produces in the wine, as well as it’s bold structure and tannins. Rich flavors of dark chocolate, black fig, coffee and raisins. Aromas of violets and ripe cherry. 100% true varietal, aged 18 months in a combination of French and American oak. Highly recommended to try, enjoy!        

The Third wine in this flight is the Trincadera and here are my personal notes from the tasting;

Serve COLD. Most like a Pinot Noir but quite different. Still bright fruits but darker in nature, plums, and ripe raspberry are to note. With a taste that is 100% dry, almost has a coco start and boysenberry finish.  A wonderful acid that also sports good 4/5 body if graded like a Pinot. Aftertaste of oak with subtle and light fruit syrup. Highly recommended, enjoy!          

The Flight Details 

This flight is available in a (3) bottle version just to give you a fun taste of each, also available as a (6) bottle flight to meet a bigger occasion or to have an extra on hand, and last a (12) bottle format!  All flights come with free shipping but the 6/12 bottle are even better. Each still comes with the recommended recipes and the specific tasting flight menu with extra content to enjoy each wine! 


Remember California only at this time as well as weather permitting the 2nd and 4th Monday's October - May.   The 6-Pack is eligible to ship out on the next available date or your 3 pack can be added to other wines to make a full 6 pack.