Harvest Moon - Zinfandel (Randy Zin)

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The Randy Zinfandel is named for the winemaker/owner, Randy. This is his blend, his style that he got his start on. This is the wine that gave him the confidence to continue into this career knowing he was creating some great wines. This wine is all you can expect from a Zinfandel in the Russian River Valley. It was a great vintage from for this wine that shows, even though Zin is always hard to grow evenly. Like most of the other wines I have, I hand-picked this one because it was a standout and left me wanting more!

With This Bottle Infront Of Me

The winemakers personal blend from Sonoma is beautifully done, a very approachable Zinfandel unique to this region. Tastes of dark fruit accompanied with chocolate and a thick rich aftertaste that lasts. Of note, a clean crisp taste isn't far behind the richness which in a way keeps it uplifted and light off the palate. Enjoy!   

From The Winemaker/Winegrower

"Zinfandel is notorious for ripening so unevenly that it's in my opinion, one of the more challenging varietals to grow. Couple that with the fact Zin has zero tolerance for lack of cellar sanitation, it's nearly impossible to bottle flawless"- Winegrower Randy Pitts 

From The Winery 

The RandyZin is a county-wide compilation of Zin with small amounts of Riebli Syrah and Alexander Valley Sangiovese blended in towards the end of barrel aging to create a tasty wine which pairs well with BBQ and accompanies the avid reader on those cold winter nights. We assemble this blend each vintage to offer an easy drinking cocktail style red wine that doesn't require bottle aging or excuse to open. Our grab-and-go pleaser.