Pinot Noir 6 Pack (Handley/Harvest/Sinor)

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(2) Handley 2014 Pinot Noir

(2) Sinor-LaVallee 2014 Pinot Noir

(2) Harvest Moon 2013 Pinot Noir

These are some of the Premium Pinot Noirs from their respective regions. Each with something unique to bring to the table.  Whether that is the climate, soil, or winemaking practices, these 3 wines are ones you can bring to a fancy dinner and those picky Pinot Noir drinkers will love.  With each being different; the Handley Cellars being more acidic and younger in nature, the Harvest Moon having great structure for a textbook Russian River Pinot, or Sinor LaVallee's consistently high scoring vintages form the Central Coast, someone will like something because these bottles cover it all for California Pinot Noir. I should go one step further than "cover California," this flight covers and brings depth to what you can expect from get PN in California. 

Here are my tasting notes of each; 


Handley 2014 Pinot Noir

With this one, take twice as long for smelling as I found more and more aromas on each. On the taste, it is quite simple on first sip but then it hits you 5-10 seconds after that first taste.  The great acid in this wine is worth a note and once that has run its course, you are left with a quite flavorful medium ripeness that is hard to pull off in this cold region.  Very Impressed. Enjoy!

Sinor-LaVallee 2014 Pinot Noir

Even without a swirl this wine gives off phenomenal fruit, with it, you get a subtle earth and plum notes.  On the taste, it is quite smooth with some spiciness that burns away to a bright red fruit taste that is left to coat your mouth (maybe cherry).  A special Pinot from a producer that is consistently above 91 points on these wines.  

Harvest Moon 2013 Pinot Noir

 A well done Russian River Pinot Noir to say the least. Nose of plum and medium ripe fruits that are consistent and in balance.  No earthiness. On the taste, simple oak structure that carries a bright clean fruit flavor that is different in that it doesn't melt away to sweat cherry, instead the oak stays through to the end dissipates with the fruit. Enjoy!         


Anderson Valley along the North Coast of California is quite the dramatic and cinematic wine region with mountains, redwoods, and valleys all strung together by slow driving roads to get there. A North-South running region from the Pacific allows for fog penetration that even makes it to the darkest and farthest reaches of the Valley-even Handley Cellars.  These towering redwoods that cast shade, fog from the ocean, and a cold climate (1 or 2 on a scale of 5) has these vines fighting to ripen along with giving great true to varietal notes elegantly shown from select producers. 

Avila Beach is in no specific AVA but resides in the greater San Luis Obispo County that is home to Edna Valley, Arroyo Grande, and Santa Maria, that all produce wonderful Pinot Noir. With only being 1.2 miles from the beach, this Bassi Vineyard is a 1 in a million geographic setting that protects the vines from salty mist by gentle turning mountain slopes that bend and twist the fog through the valley. All made possible with these vineyard slopes pointing Southernly allowing for enough ripening for these cool climate loving Pinot Noir vines. 


Lastly, we go back down to hill and across the Bay to the Russian River. Some of the best soil in the area for these vines and a climate to match.  This cool region also has a coastal influence but much earlier winter storms.  This tends to encourage picking as soon as the vines become ripe and of the quality desired.  As a benefit, among the hills and valleys, there are pockets as well as great multi-acre flat earth that allow for these vines to produce very similar to one enough tonnage that only goes to help consistency on the production. 

Flight Details 

This Flight is available in a (3) & (6) bottle format for your ease of purchase.  Your shipment comes with digital original recipes as well as an extra content tasting sheet that is great fun for a single person or group to see the winery.