So You Really Like Zinfandel?

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Here is a flight for you that covers it all!  

(1) St. Jorge 2010 Old Vine Zinfandel 

(1) Harvest Moon 2013 Russian River Zinfandel 

(1) Four Sisters 2011 Paso Robles Zinfandel 

(1) Harvest Moon 2013 Randy Zinfandel

(1) Cantiga Wineworks 2012 Zinfandel

(1) Odonata Wines 2014 Zinfandel   


With this flight you get all the Zinfandel I carry and for good reason to.  While I have 2 other flights that show the most dramatic differences I could find for this varietal this one is an extension of that flight.  You now have 5 different regions with different climates, age of vines, and soils.      

Climate - Soil 

These two factors over all else lead to what the viticulturalist and winemakers have to deal with when the fruit starts rolling into the winery.  Each of these wineries showcasing a great Zin have something different.  While many looks for minimalistic intervention they each must take a serious look at what benefits and cautions much be accounted for with each.  

For example, Russian River with Harvest Moon has a fairly cool climate making ripening even harder.  They must now account that they will have plenty of young bright acids that can help a Zinfandel greatly for that cool climate style.  

Next, the Sierra Foothills with Cantiga wineworks has wonderful mineral soils that give a taste all their own to this Zinfandel.  As well as being an old world producer they have a whole set of benefits and extra steps in making sure they get a nice well done non-malolactic bottle as their end product which can be hard. 

Paso Robles, like talked about in the other Zin flight has wonderful temperature fluctuation for these vines but they much also be cautious about freezes and other climate factors. Lodi, these grapes from St. Jorge have great complex flavors for their benefit of sourcing from a rare century-old vineyard but they also must be detail oriented as it isn't your same young Zin vines coming into the winery.  


My Personal Tasting Notes;

St. Jorge 2010 Old Vine Zinfandel 

These century-old vines from the iconic Mohr-Fry Home Ranch are made to WOW. St. Jorge does the rarity of these vines proud with good tannin structure and a smooth lingering finish that leads uninterrupted into dark ripe plum on the finish. Nose of dark fruit (maybe blackberry) and oak that is full, is bold but is not overpowering in any which way. Highly recommended, enjoy!        

Harvest Moon 2013 Russian River Zinfandel 

 A well done Russian River Pinot Noir to say the least. Nose of plum and medium ripe fruits that are consistent and in balance.  No earthiness. On the taste, a simple oak structure that carries a bright clean fruit flavor that is different in that it doesn't melt away to sweat cherry, instead the oak stays through to the end dissipates with the fruit. Enjoy!         

Four Sisters 2011 Paso Robles Zinfandel 

Aromas of red fruits, strawberries, and stewed cherries.  Quite a developed fruit flavor on the taste that is complex and pulls together many different red fruits to showcase as a ripe syrup to a bright red cherry.  Of note, a high scoring vintage year that started with a frost concentrating tonnage by over 50%, a main reason for its full fruit flavor. Enjoy!

Harvest Moon 2013 Randy Zinfandel

The winemakers personal blend from Sonoma is beautifully done, a very approachable Zinfandel unique to this region. Tastes of dark fruit accompanied with chocolate and a thick rich aftertaste that lasts. Of note, a clean crisp taste isn't far behind the richness which in a way keeps it uplifted and light off the palate. Enjoy!   

Cantiga Wineworks 2012 Zinfandel

A great nose that you would expect from a Zinfandel but this one gets fun from the first sip as being something unique. It won’t take long to notice the presence of a bright crisp and clean acid that follows your normal fruit forward tastes. Oak and a lingering dark fruit flavor remain on top of the palate. A great representation of old world winemaking. Enjoy!    

Odonata Wines 2014 Zinfandel                                                         

Expect a well-balanced and rounded Zin with this one.  Fruit driven with a touch of vanilla and spice.  Ripe and luscious on the palate.  Pleasant texture, with a lengthy finish. This wine is an easy drinker that will pair perfectly with an assortment of elegant with a full meal.  Enjoy!   


Flight Details 

This is available as a 6 pack to make sure you have a good showing of each as well as being able to invite a group of friends over to be introduced to each with the added content that these flights provide!  

Shipping Details 

California only at the moment and you can build this 3 pack flight into a 6 pack with three other bottles or go ahead and get the full 6 pack and it is eligible for the next available shipment date. Remember I have to get this content and printed sheets over to the warehouse before shipping so make sure to order 5 days before a 2nd or 4th Monday, October to May.